Phillip Weeden


Certified personal trainer, former bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, Phil originally got into fitness to transform his own body and soon discovered a passion for helping others reach their health and wellness goals. He is the creator and founder of the smash hit cardio step aerobic class, Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil, as well as Xtreme Burn and the X30 Challenge. Phil guarantees if you try just one of his programs, you won't leave the same! 


Xtreme Fitness


Xtreme Fitness with Phil is a fitness movement created by certified group and personal trainer Phillip Weeden. It features his hit programs, Xtreme Hip Hop, Xtreme Burn and the X30 Challenge.


Xtreme Hip Hop

A revamp of traditional step aerobics. With routines set to old and new school hip hop, it makes you want to get up and move while getting a great calorie burn!

Xtreme Burn

Nonstop cardio featuring such movements as high knees, kicks, punches, burpees and much more!


X30 Challenge

It's like a personal training program in your own home. Including cardio, weight resistance, and ab exercises, work out for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and watch the pounds melt away!